Trendicy offers SaaS for Smarter Big Data — on-demand, quantified analytics for any market vertical. Our customers come from a wide range of industries—everything from electronics to finance to healthcare.
Here is a sample of how our customers are applying the Actionable Analytics uncovered while using the Trend™ SaaS suite of products:
  • Revising company’s strategic plan: a semi-conductor company using Trend™-based results to enhance the analysis of proprietary sales and marketing data with market research, market projections, and online comments from the public domain.
  • Validating future service plans: an online support community using Trend™-based results to enhance the analysis of unstructured, internal customer data, allowing them to correct existing short-comings in their site, address trending concerns among the members in near real time, and plan future programs in proactive fashion to deliver needed information when it’s needed.
  • Influencing product development decisions: a pharmaceutical company bringing new compounds to market with greater confidence levels by combining internal clinical results with public clinical trial reports, regulatory rulings and patient-oriented records from sources as diverse as in-house interview, electronic communications and public testimonial.
  • Optimizing experimental research: a researcher in experimental disease intervention using Trend™-based results to enhance the analysis of data in the public domain, quickly identifying relevant peer-reviewed data (and sources) while eliminating unproductive, non-technical and/or misleading references, saving hundreds of hours of valuable time better spent pursuing treatment vectors.

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