Our Approach to Unstructured Data

Unstructured, textual data has been long recognized as containing value, potentially great value. With even greater amounts of data, it is almost axiomatic that there be greater amounts of value waiting to be uncovered and leveraged by business executives. The possibilities in mining the Web 2.0 explosion of unstructured data are almost boundless.

Unfortunately, the traditional methods of dealing with this type of data have ranged from occasional interpretation by one or more individuals to dedicating entire teams to extracting the hidden value. The shortcomings of this approach lie in having to apply human resources to performing at the least the initial analysis.

Humans are notoriously unpredictable: individuals have good or bad days, are ill, tired or unmotivated and so can produce drastically differing opinions of the same data, and; individuals vary widely in their backgrounds, language skills, motivations and viewpoints, making agreement or congruence between any two (much less a few, or a gaggle!) almost impossibly difficult to achieve. The resulting interpretations of the data, then, are almost guaranteed to provide little (or even no) confidence to the decision-maker having to consume those results.

Trendicy says “We can and will take the effort and uncertainty out of including unstructured data in your most critical decision processes.”

- We automate the collection and analysis of data, providing tools that ensure any analysis is done according to your terms, not our interpretation of your terms.

- We recognize and measure individual words and phrases the same way every time, all the time, regardless of what kind of day you or your team is having.

- We recognize that, almost certainly, you use words and phrases in ways you want, which are almost guaranteed to be different than the way they are used by the man or woman on the street (much less your competitors!).

- We also know that words and phrases being used in different contexts, or occurring in different places, or being uttered by different individuals, do not mean the same thing every time!

- And, as always, business goals, priorities and values change over time. Business, especially in today’s global economy, is dynamic and any system that cannot adapt to changing conditions is valueless.

Sound complicated to setup, difficult to implement, time-consuming to use? Not at all. Take a tour, or better yet, a trial use, and you’ll see that Trendicy provides analytics that take your time to the next level, instead of taking more of your valuable time.