Company Page IllustrationTrendicy is a game changing business analytics company that wants to fundamentally simplify and optimize the way your business makes its tactical and strategic decisions. Its mission is to place analytical capabilities directly in the hands of those that require them, supporting key business and executive decision makers. Its Trend™ suite of SaaS products provides on-demand visually-intuitive analytical results by quantifying trending information in the users’ context and presenting it in a dashboard format, supplementing them with prescriptive commentary conforming to user-defined business rules. The Trend™ product architecture is optimized to address any business application requiring in-depth analysis of textual data (e.g.: Customer Relationship Management, Executive Resource or Strategic Planning, or Supply Chain Management). Customers are using our products in support of critical decision-making on new service offerings, product development,  as well as discovering trends in the market and significant events affecting the competitive environment.