Component supplier

Cambridge Semiconductor [CamSemi] is a fabless semiconductor company … in power management and integrated circuits.

“CamSemi is a privately-held, fabless power management IC company. Helping customers find more ‘cost-efficient’ ways to design and manufacture energy-efficient power conversion products….

The company’s unique products and approaches are aimed at power supply and lighting manufacturers and are helping many of the world’s top consumer electronics brands to bring more energy-efficient products to market – faster and at lower cost than has previously been possible.

CamSemi operates globally from its Cambridge (UK) HQ with application design and business development centres or offices in Taipei, Shenzhen and Hong Kong.”

CamSemi uses Trendicy’s TrendCompete™ service to do strategic planning, researching the current state and projecting the future state of their market, taking into consideration the market standings of their competitors, customers and suppliers.